All Creative Lamps pieces are identical. The pieces are usually assembled with the front facing outwards. Each piece has two curved and two straight edges.

How to connect the PIECES

  • All Creative Lamps pieces are identical;
  • FRONT - Angles from left to right upward;
  • BACK - Angles from right to left downward;
  • The assembly of each lamp uses pieces primarily with the FRONT FACING OUT, unless shown in the diagram with a black dot. This will indicate to flip the piece over and have the BACK side facing out.
  • With FRONT only diagrams, you will connect only the same size hook - Large to Large or Small to Small
  • Curved sides always position OVER straight sides to connect two pieces. These will continue throughout your making of the lamp, like a jigsaw puzzle, matching to one another.

Lay out the pieces following the diagram. You can stick a removable label on the front side of each piece to show the row number as a guide; similar to the way each piece appears in the diagram. This will also ensure the right side is always facing outward.

How to create a SPHERE SHAPE


Begin with Row 1, connecting the 5 pieces to form a star shape. Note: The pieces rotate clockwise and the last piece connects to the first piece to finish the row.

Row 2 will begin to widen the sphere, connecting the first row in a ring. Remember to hook with curved sides over flat sides.

Row 3 is the widest part of the sphere. After assembling row 3, check all your joined hooks; each pinwheel should be comprised of only the same size hooks.

Row 4 will connects the same as Row 1 and this will start to narrow your shape.

Row 5 will close the opening.


How to connect the LAMP CORD

  • Position the lamp with any 5-hook joint facing up.
  • Unhook 2 of the hooks which will create an opening.
  • Drop the socket with light bulb inside of the lamp, making certain not to allow the light bulb to touch any of the sides. Center the light bulb within the lamp, twist the cord.
  • Make sure the light bulb is in the center of the lamp.
  • Re-connect the hooks around the cord.

Light Bulb Use

  • 40W Incandescent or lower
  • For more lighting, use CFL Light Bulb up to 100W.

WARNING: This is not a toy. As with any lamp, adult assembly required. For household use only. Risk of electrical shock my occur. DO NOT use in water.